12 Rules for Life


2. ⚖️ Strive for balance. Consider tensions such as investing in the future vs. living in the present, developing expertise vs. broadening perspective, conforming vs. deviating, and persevering vs. adapting.

What: yourself

5. ✨ Engage in pursuits which make you feel alive. This brings out the best version of yourself. To figure out which pursuits these are, keep a running list of moments when you felt alive and look for patterns.

What: your community

9. 🙊 Speak thoughtfully, to others and to yourself. We understand the world through the stories we tell. Listen to the stories you tell yourself. If you’re unhappy about a situation, try retelling your story from a place of curiosity and compassion.

And finally

12. 🛤 Embrace the journey. When things are going smoothly, be present and soak it in. When the road is rough, see if working through it can help you become wiser and more compassionate. Either way, this too shall pass.



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